About Us

Bellecraft is located in the small north-central Massachusetts town of Winchendon, and has been manufacturing quality furniture since 1960. We are a second generation family owned small business that operates out of a 34,000 square foot modern facility. The Winchendon and Gardner area has a long distinguished history of furniture manufacturing which lives on to this day. It is common to find second and third generation furniture makers still plying the craft and skills of their grandfathers. Of course, today we have modern equipment; however, nothing can replace the skilled hands and trained eyes of a true artisan. At Bellecraft we are fortunate to have these experienced people manufacturing our furniture for you.

Our furniture fits into any d├ęcor. Whether you are looking for country style, shaker or traditional furniture, Bellecraft has the style for you. Our designs are known for their simple elegance and sophistication. Every piece is built with pride and attention to detail by people who care about their work so your children can take pride in saying, “This table was my parent\’s and it looks as beautiful today as when I was a kid”. Bellecraft is furniture to last generations. We strive to build a good product at a fair price. Now that is value!

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